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PGAE-Off Limits
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Pussy Galore's Alpine Experience - Off Limits

Start or finish your summer vacation in Europe with the PGAE-Off Limits in the middle of the Austrian Alps!

A unique mix of hashing, meeting/mating (with) old and new friends in a breathtaking landscape, with the greatest people (Hashers & locals) during and surrounded by the wonderful Gardefest!
The Gardefest itself is reason enough for hundreds of beer lovers and folk music admirers to block this weekend from any other activity!

The PGAE-OL is a big hash event during the summer, compared to the well known big hash event, during winter, the world famous, immortal VH3 Ski Week! Beer is flowing like wine and Schnapps. The local traditions will help you relax after a busy day of exercise in fresh air.

To learn more, follow those two links and see with your own eyes:

Youtube 1

Youtube 2

See you in Radstadt!