Checking for Pussy
PGAE-OL 2019
2. - 4. August 2019

Pussy Galore's Alpine Experience - Off Limits
2. - 4. August 2019

Hashers, PGAE professionals and PGAE fans!
We are happy to inform you about this year's event in Radstadt, and believe it or not, it will be an anniversary (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017...and 2019).
  • Those who will bring their T-shirts from first run (2012) will be recognized by the locals as kind of "funny but friendly"! 
  • Those who bring their hats from 2013  will be kind of champs
  • Those who bring both, are almost stars
  • Those, who participated on all the PGAE's will have a special VIP treatment (no sweat!), throughout the weekend. Don't forget your proof!
Please: Register now! First come, first serve!
  • See registration form attached: please confirm attendance by return. This will help us, to organize the necessary seats at Gardefest, bus, cars, etc. 
  • Confirm by return, how many times you have already experience the Alps during PGAE...?
  • Ensure to pack your Dirndl/Lederhosen and your mountain gear
Preliminary Program:
Friday, 02.08.2019
Registration at PussyGalore’s house (goody bag, T-shirt, etc.)
Welcome run out of, above and back into Radstadt with beer stop and followed by a circle at PussyGalore’s house. Circle also featuring Sweat Control (vitamins...kind of) and Speck (so you survive until dinner at the Gardefest) After circle you go to your Hotel/Pension wash up and change.
Be dressed up in Dirndl/Lederhosen as usual and meet at the Stadtplatz for the inauguration ceremony for the Gardefest. Following the festival crowd to the party location of the Gardefest. There we will have a few tables reserved under the name "Werner Tomas". Beers, dinner (festival food, such as sausages, bosna, roast chicken, etc…) and beers again. The first about 2 hours, the Radstadt Musikkapelle is starting the party and will entertain us with the greatest hits from then till now. Special member of the Musikkapelle Radstadt, Hannes Reichelt and always great Hans Knauß may also be there, as almost at every Gardefest.
Party until late...
Saturday, 03.08.2019
Main run
Near Radstadt, about 20-40 min. by our exclusive bus, to reach the entry point for our 2 routes (top-hikers and not so top-hikers) take off at PussyGalore’s house in a bus to running/hiking location. (bus stops also in city center, to pick up those, residing there.)
The run will finish at a circle, either in the mountains or at Pussy Galore’s house, or in city center, or...??? (depending on weather conditions). We shall **DEFINITELY NOT** stay overnight in a hut in the mountains, but return to Radstadt after this run/hike and you stay in the same Hotel/Pension as the night before.
Hashers retire to their quarters after circle and prepare for dinner.
Dinner/ BBQ/ Awards Night
We will settle in a nice place, depending on general weather conditions and number of participants. Food will be either BBQ or some local speciality (Schweinsbraten, Kasnocken, etc.). For those who stick out of the mass, we shall present some awards, as traditional in most of the past events.
Party at the venue until about 22:00 or longer, then change to bed or to Gardefest in the medievial tower or in the tent or in the boat on the pond...or somewhere in between. The beer will flow again as will the wine.
Sunday, 04.08.2019
Hang Over Run
Leaving from PussyGalore’s house, we will take it easy and have a light run/hike to/around a nice area. This also depends on the weather. Circle at PussyGalore’s house will be the official end of this year’s Alpine Experience. After gulping down the left-over beers, the crowd will leave to once again mind their own business.
Adults: EUR 69 + 69 = EUR 138 or a bit more or less, depending on final numbers, etc.; Kids up to 3 years: free; Up to 13 years: half price)  Monetary left-overs will be turned into alcohol whenever they appear!
Please deposit a down payment of EUR 100 by June 30th, 2019 to confirm your registration. . You will receive an email, once transfer has arrived. The rest you will kindly pay during registration.
Account details:
Werner Tomas
Easy Bank
I‍B‍A‍N‍:‍ ‍A‍T‍1‍5‍ ‍1‍4‍2‍0‍ ‍0‍2‍0‍0‍ ‍1‍7‍6‍7‍ ‍3‍2‍6‍3
Kindly make sure to transfer with the following text: “PGAE19 “your name(s)”” (where it says “your name”, this is where you should write your name, instead of writing “your name”. I for example would then write for “your name” my name, which is Werner Tomas, so the whole text could then look like this: “PGAE19 Werner Tomas”)
Included in the fee:
  1. Registration, admission fee to the "Gardefest" on Friday
  2. Goodie bag, T-shirt
  3. 3 circles with softies and beers
  4. Scenic beerstop
  5. Snacks at the 1st circle and during the hike (Jause)
  6. Saturday dinner (drinks on your own)
  7. Sweat control throughout the weekend, free rounds here and there
Not included:
  • Bed and breakfast in Radstadt, your consumption at the festival...
  • Drinks on Saturday during dinner…
Accommodation in Radstadt
  The usual recommendations:
  • Ferienwohnung Tomas: (extremely near to all the action. 1-week stay minimum)
  • Hotel Stegerbräu: (yet to be confirmed) (Bräu means „brew“…!!!) Waltraud & Christian are great hosts, rooms are nice, city center, still away from the Gardefest noise, great food and athmosphere in the old brewery in Radstadt.
  • Pension Aubauerngut: Our gay neighbours
  • Gasthof Brüggler: Great hosts, good deals, city center
  • Gasthof Torwirt: City center, most charming service, lovely rooms. If you don't like this, you will not like it anywhere!
  • Wellness Haus Reichelt: This is as close as you can get to Hannes Reichelt, the ski champ! His parents run this great place, 100 steps away from PussyGalore's house. Great wellness...if needed. 
How to reach Radstadt
 All roads lead to Radstadt!
By car:
From Vienna in about 3 hours, take the A2, S6 via Leoben, Liezen, Schladming... ca. 300km 
By train:
From Vienna: every hour you have a train from Hauptbahnhof Vienna, either via Salzburg or via Leoben. It takes you 4 hours, either way. Please check for Group Tickets! 
By plane:
From Vienna: get a lift from airport to Radstadt, join the crowd
From Salzburg: take a train/shuttle for about 1 hour (70km) to reach Radstadt
From Munich: train, or bus/shuttle to Radstadt, about 220km   
Any more questions, please see website or email to wernertomasca(
ONON to Radstadt!
Pussy Galore & Team
Gaismairallee 41
5550 Radstadt
2. May 2019
Registration details
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  • HHHandle
  • From country
  • Hash Chapter
  • Gender:
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  • How many times at PGAE?
  • Email address
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