Checking for Pussy
Pussy Galore's Alpine
Experience - Off Limits

Pussy Galore's Alpine Experience - Off Limits 2019 is on!

2. to 4. August 2019 in Radstadt, Salzburg, Austria

A long weekend full of fun, beer, mountains, beer, runs in beautiful nature, more beers ... and all that in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Radstadt is located in the Sportwelt Amade, beautiful mountains, Summer and Winter holiday area (including Thermal Bath, Golf course, horseback lucking ...).

During that weekend, you have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Alps and their people, guided by a Radstadt resident (Pussy Galore and Off Limits that is).

The ONIN location is the most famous Beer Festival in the region

"The Gardefest"

where we will enjoy ourselves and some other things, after and of course, before the runs!

The locals will dress up for you in traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen and celebrate with you for 3 days. Great food, beer and entertainment, paired with some exercise the hash-typical-kind-of-fun-and-pleasure.

And now, take your Dirndl or leave it, but join in!
Pussy Galore and Off Limits!